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Rooms / Facilities information
1DK (Floor space; an area of about 30 square meters)
Up to three people can stay here for those who think 1ROOM is somewhat smaller.(There is an extra charge for three people)
We offer guaranteed satisfaction for women, too. We offer overnight accommodations.

Basic necessities are fully equipped.
(A television set, a telephone, an air-conditioner, a refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner, a microwave oven, a rice cooker, tableware, a set of bedding, etc.)
* We provide a number of guests’ bedding and chairs free of charge.

A parking lot / bicycle parking lot (pay), a coin-operated laundry (washing machines / driers), soft drink vending machines, a copier / a fax machine (pay) , home delivery service.

A fiber optic Internet connection is always available free of charge.
* You can use a LAN cable free of charge.
* Wifi is available free of charge, too.