Nishi Kawaguchi Weekly
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A two-minute walk from Nishi Kawaguchi Station on the Keihin Tohoku Line.
We are conveniently located; about 23 minutes from Shinjuku Station,
23 minutes from Ueno Station and 30 minutes from Tokyo Station.
We have a resident caretaker.
Security with a key card system. We offer guaranteed satisfaction to women, too.
We offer overnight accommodations.
You can stay here as a hotel.
You can use the high-speed Internet free of charge in all the fifty eight rooms in the nine-story building.
We have 1DK / 2 DK suitable for a large group or a large family.
A guarantor, a deposit or key money is unnecessary.
You can move in on the same day.
All rooms are fully equipped with basic necessities.
You can come with your business bag / purse only.
You can stay here for any purposes such as business trips, leisure activities, and sightseeing trips. It's up to you!